Turquoise: used as a protective shield and can also help lead one to self realization.

Ladder: a means of rising, as to eminence


We welcome opportunities to partner with retailers, groups, organizations, retreats and/or camps.

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Our Adventure Cocoons have already accompanied travelers to the Amazonian Jungle, Peruvian Desert, Beaches & Temples of Thailand, snow-covered Himalayan Mountains and to the sands of Morocco.

Benefits to taking our Cocoons with on your trip:

Practical + Unique + Beautiful + Comfort

Uses include: Restorative Shelter, Blanket, Throw, Shaw, Scarf, Wrap, Changing Station, Protect your Belongings, Temperature-Regulating, Insect Shield, Easy to Wash, Quick Drying and so much more…

Our Vision

To create trusting, collaborative, and meaningful partnerships between producers and purveyors worldwide and help each other climb towards opportunity and freedom.

Our Mission

To revel in beauty and explore the infinite possibilities that lie within the interplay of pattern, texture, color, and compassion.

Our Core Values

Beauty, Function + Form, Exploration, & Compassion

Current Partner

We believe that technical skill-building, employment, and education are primary rungs in the ladder to long-term freedom. Through our producer partnership with Destiny Reflection, our goal is to compassionately support these young women as they transition out of exploitation and into empowerment. We also partner with crafts women in our local region to create complimentary product lines.

Retail Stores

You can currently find a collection of our Adventure Cocoon’s at Roanline, Black Dome Mountain Sports, Green Mother Goods located in Asheville NC.